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Rank Username GamerTag Zone GamerScore Renommee Last Played Games
Rank: 1 1st xXCorrado80Xx xXCorrado80Xx Send xXCorrado80Xx a message Add xXCorrado80Xx to your friends list 860779
WordamentThe Great Wobo EscapeNBA JAMThe Great Wobo EscapeiO The Game
Rank: 2 2nd baoluhanhan xXCorrado80Xx Send xXCorrado80Xx a message Add xXCorrado80Xx to your friends list 839694
WordamentThe Great Wobo EscapeNBA JAMThe Great Wobo EscapeiO The Game
Rank: 3 3rd 2HARD4YOU Gensui Akainu Send Gensui Akainu a message Add Gensui Akainu to your friends list 570580
BulletAsylumSAMURAI WARRIORS 2 XLSaints RowStriderTaptiles
4th Soul Eater Sokofriedhof666 Send Sokofriedhof666 a message Add Sokofriedhof666 to your friends list 522857
5th GD BlueMunKi xMagicMunKix Send xMagicMunKix a message Add xMagicMunKix to your friends list 505583
MotoGP™15AoE: Castle SiegeImperia OnlinePocket GodAsphalt 8: Airborne
6th Heuler Heuler Send Heuler a message Add Heuler to your friends list 503854
Burnout RevengeOf Orcs and MenBioShock InfiniteGears of WarBLAZBLUE CS EXTEND
7th norfen N0RFEN Send N0RFEN a message Add N0RFEN to your friends list 491480
Disney/Pixar RUSHHarm's WayPinball FX 2Monsters Love CandyKinectimals Unleashed
8th ChaosEdge95 ChaosEdge95 Send ChaosEdge95 a message Add ChaosEdge95 to your friends list 475565
Assassin's Creed RogueAC Liberation HDBatmanSniper Ghost Warrior 2Jumper
9th Deadl1ft IG Frosch Send IG Frosch a message Add IG Frosch to your friends list 466328
Halo: ReachCall of Duty 4AC BrotherhoodPreyAsterix Olympic Games
10th angelofdeathWHV angelofdeathWHV Send angelofdeathWHV a message Add angelofdeathWHV to your friends list 440770
KinectimalsMinecraftF1 Race Stars™Kinect Joy RideViva Piñata: TIP
11th daniel87 goebi87 Send goebi87 a message Add goebi87 to your friends list 436230
MonstaFishMinesweeperFarm Frenzy 2Cut the Rope: Exp.Cut The Rope
12th Testave Testave Send Testave a message Add Testave to your friends list 428210
Kane & Lynch: Dead MenGTA IV PCSouth Park™: TSOTPeggleTEKKEN TAG 2
13th MrNice LSC MrSandman Send LSC MrSandman a message Add LSC MrSandman to your friends list 420958
Call of Duty 4Sacred 3WRC5Chronicles of MystaraDead Space™ 2
14th Perfect007 PerfectOO7 Send PerfectOO7 a message Add PerfectOO7 to your friends list 389792
Nike+ Kinect TrainingCars 2LUMINES LIVE!LEGO Star Wars: TCSメモリーズオフ ゆびきりの記憶
15th Frost RaptusHenne4414 Send RaptusHenne4414 a message Add RaptusHenne4414 to your friends list 383234
F.E.A.R. 3Alan WakeBorderlands Pre-SequelFinal ExamAlien Breed Episode 1
16th Billiejoe AT BillieJoe AT Send BillieJoe AT a message Add BillieJoe AT to your friends list 382686
The Force UnleashedCars 2Ticket to Ride™SSX™LEGO Star Wars: TCS
17th Great Healer GD Great Healer Send GD Great Healer a message Add GD Great Healer to your friends list 378469
Civilization Revolut'nOF: Dragon RisingMicrosoft MinesweeperGlow ArtisanHitman GO
18th Hill5ize HILL5IZE Send HILL5IZE a message Add HILL5IZE to your friends list 373610
Saints Row: The ThirdMONOPOLY® StreetsTrivial Pursuit Live!Star Wars: CantinaLEGO Batman
19th GER B1G GaMer GER B1G GaMeR Send GER B1G GaMeR a message Add GER B1G GaMeR to your friends list 364995
20th SMspeed SMspeed Send SMspeed a message Add SMspeed to your friends list 358115
Perfect Dark ZeroJetpac RefuelledBanjo Kazooie: N n BPerfect DarkKameo
21st MarcelFinkDE MARCELFiNKde Send MARCELFiNKde a message Add MARCELFiNKde to your friends list 358110
Microsoft BingoZuma's Revenge!Kane & Lynch 2Gears of War: JudgmentBorderlands 2
22nd PGC ENGEL PGC ENGEL Send PGC ENGEL a message Add PGC ENGEL to your friends list 356960
Gears of War 2Gears of War 3DestinyHalo 4Halo: Reach
23rd GreyDestiny GreyDestiny Send GreyDestiny a message Add GreyDestiny to your friends list 349138
Fallout 3The Orange BoxThe Witcher 2Dead Space™ 3Call of Duty Black Ops
24th blackbull NazgulDevil Send NazgulDevil a message Add NazgulDevil to your friends list 348095
Banjo Kazooie: N n BBanjo-KazooieBanjo-TooieSamurai Shodown IIVirtua Fighter 5 FS
25th slayermoon Slayermoon Send Slayermoon a message Add Slayermoon to your friends list 327870
Borderlands (JP)Bejeweled Live +Bejeweled LIVEDOOMHitman GO
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Players: 1575
Gold Accounts: 889
Silver Accounts: 686
Total GamerScore: 89.835.900
Total Renommee: 0
Total Games: 2.148
xXCorrado80Xx (860779 GS)
baoluhanhan (839694 GS)
2HARD4YOU (570580 GS)
Soul Eater (522857 GS)
GD BlueMunKi (505583 GS)
By 29 playersBy 27 playersBy 25 playersBy 24 playersBy 23 players Grand Theft Auto V: By 581 playersCOD: Black Ops II: By 487 playersModern Warfare® 3: By 466 playersCall of Duty Black Ops: By 448 playersGears of War 3: By 448 players